Asmart Gateway

The Asmart Gateway makes sure that data collected from the filter units is uploaded to the Absolent IoT Cloud in a secure and reliable way. The Asmart Gateway is connected to the GSM/LTE network via a SIM-card – no integration to your company’s existing IT-infrastructure or WIFI network needs to be done.


The Asmart Gateway receives data collected from the Asmart Sense devices that are connected to the filter unit. Sometimes the signal might need to be repeated – in those cases an Asmart Connect unit can be used to amplify the signal to ensure it reaches the Asmart Gateway. The data is stored securely in the Absolent IoT Cloud ready to be analysed and viewed in the Asmart Dashboard on your Desktop or mobile device at any time.


The Asmart Gateway device is equipped with a SIM card and LED lights that indicate signal strength, power supply, radio signals and cloud communication. The Asmart Gateway will collect all the information needed from your filter unit and make it easily accessible in the Asmart Dashboard.

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