There is of course a difference between metal machining and food preparation. But the difference does not change the fact that the air is contaminated. The contamination is still oil smoke which means that our filter cassettes are fully capable of handling the particles.

Of course the filter unit will have to be better suited to the hygienic standards that may apply. That is why we are able to make our filter housings and filter cassettes out of stainless steel. The contaminated air from the cooking process is extracted close to the source, for example a deep fryer, and led to the Absolent filter unit where it gets filtered.

The customer gets clean air, long service intervals and the possibility to recover the energy and money. Today our installations can be found at prestigious companies worldwide and still we are just getting started.

Companies within the food industry that are using Absolent

Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Industries

Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs had been searching for a filtration solution for a long time. No supplier could provide a filter that could deal with the amount of smoke and mist that was leaking from the machine, until Absolent came along.

Products that are suited for food

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