The contamination from grinding applications may vary. We have seen everything from light oil mist generated in centerless grinding machines operated using emulsion to really heavy oil smoke created in other grinding operations while using neat oil.

A lot of people think that the difference between oil mist and oil smoke is based on whether neat oil or emulsion is used. We know it is not as simple as that. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration when deciding which type of filter unit to install, such as spindle speed, the type of metal that is processed and coolant pressure. A couple of grinders could easily create 17 barrels of oil. With an Absolent filter unit only 3 teaspoons remain and you can still enjoy a long lifetime of the filter cassettes. The estimated life time is at least one year. If you really want to change the air quality in your workshop, don’t just buy any filter unit. Consult the Absolent team or your closest Absolent distributor. We will make a free visit and help you find a filter unit worth both your time and money.

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With the right kind of filtration a dirty working environment will simply be a memory! Find out how Alexander Dzogas, workshop manager at Lucchini Sweden AB, decided to sort out the dust problems with the help of Absolent.

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