Dafgårds AB – The Secret Behind the Swedish Meatballs

Problem solving in new ways has become an Absolent specialty. Our focus is to solve customer needs and we are committed to always finding the best solution. Learn more about how we designed a unique filter for the operation of Gunnar Dafgård AB and the needs that arose when they installed a new production line for their famous Swedish meatballs.

Audi Hungary

Audi had previously tried various different filter types, but none of them managed to make the air as clean as they wanted. Read more about how Absolent together with Hungarian distributor Pure Air, replaced existing filters with 27 Absolent units making the air cleaner and the work environment healthier.

Clean Air Delivered to Jaguar Land Rover

When Jaguar Land Rover built its new Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) in the West Midlands, Absolent’s UK distributor and sister company Filtermist was delighted to be involved. Read more about how Filtermist carefully planned and installed a full process air filtration solution in the 100,000m² plant using Absolent filter units.


At DIFA d.o.o. in Slovenia the premises were so contaminated that it affected the visibility in the production area, making the manufacturing process harder and more time consuming than neccessary. Read more about how an Absolent installation solved the problem.

Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Industries Co.Ltd, Kunshan, China

Read about how Absolent saved the day after Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs had been searching for a filtration solution for a long time. No supplier could provide a filter that would be able to deal with the immense amount of smoke and mist that was leaking from the machine, until Absolent came along.

Norrköpings Verkstadstekniska

Absolent’s specialty is to find new, innovative solutions. At Norrköpings Verkstadstekniska our collaboration with MaskinFransson (Maf.) made way for yet another exciting project. Learn about how five machines could be connected to one filter unit and the possibility of finding the perfect filter directly through the machine supplier to save both time and money.


When rolling and processing stainless steel, it is inevitable that a lot of oil smoke arises. Learn more about when Outokumpu Stainless AB turned to Absolent to find a solution to their problems, how good the results were and about a satisfied customer that is returning to Absolent over and over again, as the years go by.