Absolent has developed a simulation tool that shows you how you can achieve a clean work environment while reducing you energy costs by up to 30%. Asaver presents the energy saving and CO2 reduction that can be achieved when operating Absolent filter units with “EcoDrive” and/or using the heat content in the process air. Book a session with your Absolent office or representative now and learn how much your company could save!

How we work

Our ambition is always to exceed your expectations. We bring you a safe, effective way to remove oil mist, oils smoke and dust from the contaminated industrial air. With over 25 years in this business we have gathered knowledge and experiences that make us the best at what we do. We don’t just sell a filter, we sell a filter solution and we will always make sure that solution fits your process perfectly – not the other way around.

After Sales

Your filter units deserve the best! Regular service is vital to maintain reliability and good air quality in your facility and it’ll give you a lot of other advantages as well!

Absolent Filter Academy

We organize Absolent Filter Academy workshops regularly. These are held at our offices around the world, at our distributor’s offices or at the customer’s site, depending on what is the most convenient.

Project Analysis

If you have an issue with process air ventilation and contact Absolent the first thing we do is make a project analysis.

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