A typical sign that you may have problems with oil smoke is heavy smoke forming around the heated products. This air is not healthy to inhale or to emit outdoors. In some cases a general ventilation system has been installed to help the situation. This type of equipment is not meant for the task though. After a short while the ducts and the equipment become clogged with sticky rubber residue.

Luckily there are ways to handle the problem. The Absolent filter units extract the oil smoke from the process and filter it step by step before it is finally filtered through a HEPA filter. Instead of polluting the indoor or outdoor environment, the captured oil can either be recycled or easily collected. Absolent has successfully installed several filter units in many production sites like this. In some cases our filtration systems have even influenced the energy consumption in the manufacturing. Our heated, clean air could be returned back into the vulcanization process as pre-heated air. That is when our filtration work is at its peak, when we can help you to save energy while creating a better work environment.

Products that are suited for rubber and plastics

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