Jaguar Land Rover’s UK Engine Manufacturing Centre. The company is one of the leading global names in the automotive industry.


Jaguar Land Rover needed a comprehensive centralized extraction system for its new Engine Manufacturing Centre.  The system needed to be capable of removing oil mist, smoke and dust throughout the 100,000m² plant.


As the plant was to be built in the UK, Jaguar Land Rover turned to Filtermist, the UK distributor and sister company of Absolent, for assistance. Filtermist designed, installed and commissioned a comprehensive centralized extraction system consisting of over 2.5 kilometers of ducting, connected to 24 Absolent ASmoke80T filtration units and four Adust5 filter units to remove oil mist generated during the engine manufacturing process throughout the EMC. The Asmoke80T units have a large individual capacity and are a perfect fit for demanding applications such as this one.


Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) opened in 2014 and the filter units are now in daily operation. Thanks to the Absolent units, once the air is filtered it is clean and safe for employees at the Engine Manufacturing Centre to breathe.