Yihai Kerry is a leading agribusiness and food company with over 25 years of local operating history in China. The company is the Chinese market leader in several segments such as edible oils refiners and consumer pack oils, specialty fats and oleo chemicals. This typical factory produces potato chips for the consumer market.


During deep frying of potato chips high concentrations of hot oil mist / oil smoke is emitted. Yihai Kerry Foods were about to install a new deep fryer and needed a process air filter for it. Due to strict environ-mental standards for new installations Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs were in need of a professional filter supplier that could deliver a solution to the problem. For quite some time they had been trying to find the perfect filter, but because of a high particle load and hot temperatures the task proved to be too difficult for every supplier that they met with, until Absolent was contacted.


Absolent conducted thorough examinations of the situation in the factory. From previous successful filter installations in other deep frying plants we were well aware of what filter would work, and what would not. An Asmoke40 unit would be the best choice of filter. The fryer had several connecting points which meant that a complex ductwork had to be constructed. To deal with the high temperature as well as the high particle load while trying to maintain a long life time of the filter cassettes Absolent came up with a unique technical solution. The customer also invested in an air flow control system, also known as EcoDrive, from Absolent. This control system along with the unique stainless ductwork was the perfect solution for Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs.


Yihai Kerry Foods choice of Absolent to help with the filtration from the fryer was the best decision they could have made. After the struggles they had with trying to find a professional supplier they are now pleased to have found Absolent. Finally, the problem with heavy smoke is gone and both staff and management think the installation is perfect.

Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Industries Co.,Ltd, Kunshan, China