Asmart Ambient

Measuring air quality in industrial premises

In premises where processes generate dangerous emissions, it is important that the people there feel safe. It is also important that the machines get the right surrounding conditions to function optimally. Asmart Ambient is the device that keeps track of the air quality in the premises based on a variety of parameters.


Different types of sensors do the job

Using five different sensors, Asmart Ambient measures:


Particle matter (PM)

Harmful particles in the air can occur in both solid and liquid form. The smaller the size, the more dangerous they are. Can cause serious lung diseases and asthma.


VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

VOCs, or volatile organic substances, are gases excreted from specific solids or liquid substances. Constitutes collective names for a range of chemicals that can create both short- and long-term serious health effects such as liver damage and cancer.



Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is natural and harmless in small amounts, but which in larger quantities can have negative health effects such as difficulty concentrating and increased heart rate.


Relative humidity

Specifies the amount of water vapor in the surrounding air. It is important to keep at the right level to achieve thermal comfort for the people working in the premises.



Different types of work require different temperatures in the surrounding room. A too cold room can create stiff and less pliable fingers. If it is too hot, it can lead to fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents.


Absolent Dashboard and Cloud

The device is connected to an Asmart Connect, which sends the collected values to Absolent’s secure cloud storage. Data that is then illustrated in the Asmart Dashboard.

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