Asmart Dashboard

The Asmart Dashboard is an online portal that provides visual information on all the data that the Asmart solution can monitor in real time. The portal can provide you with valuable information on air quality, ensuring the wellbeing of your employees and equipment. It can also provide you with real-time information on the status and performance of your Absolent filter unit, as well as predictive maintenance.


Maximized performance

Continuous monitoring provides real-time information about the air quality in your facility and can maximise the performance of the filter unit. The dashboard displays air quality alarms and can notify you when the filter unit needs attention, for example, when the pressure drop is too high or when the filter cassettes need to be changed. You can be confident that your air is clean and your filter is performing at its best.


Easy navigation

The user interface is easy to understand and navigate, providing an overview of alarms, main functions and thresholds, so you can quickly check that all connected units are operating satisfactorily and within the set values. This gives you a unique insight into the actual air quality in your facility and the performance of the filter unit.


No unneccessary downtime

The Asmart system alerts you when air quality thresholds or set points are exceeded. No more unplanned downtime – you get information to either analyse further or order new replacement cassettes.


Measure more with Asmart Ambient

Indoor industrial processes can generate unsafe emissions and create indoor air pollution that can be hazardous to people and equipment. With an Asmart Ambient, you can detect anomalies and spikes in your facility’s air in time to take action. Ambient is a device that uses sensors to measure your air quality based on a variety of parameters. Read more about the Asmart Ambient here.

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