Asmart Dashboard

The Asmart Dashboard is an online portal which displays the status of your Absolent equipment. It monitors the performance of your filter unit in real time and provides trend data to show how the unit has performed over time.


This enables users to maximize the performance of the filter unit and it notifies when the filter unit needs attention, e.g. when the pressure drop is too high or filter cassettes need to be changed. You can be confident that your filter is always performing optimally.


The user interface is easy to understand and navigate, providing an overview of the main functions so you quickly can make sure that the unit is running satisfactorily and are within the set values. This gives you a unique insight into the actual status of the filter unit and its performance.


The Asmart system alerts when the filter cassettes needs to be changed. No more frustrating unnecessary down-time – you will receive information well in time so you can either order new ones or make sure that you have replacement cassettes in stock.

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