The Absolent type Asmoke20 oil smoke filter features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist and oil smoke. The filter unit is being placed adjacent to one or several machines. The Asmoke20 filter unit is designed for handling tough applications with air flows up to 2000m³/h.


No more slippery floors and dangerous smoke. Only 1 teaspoon per year remains, And clean air!


The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always. Only the best is good enough!


Our unique filter cassettes capture all particles – giving you 1 year of maintenance free operation.


The highest possible collecting efficiency

The filtered air becomes so clean that it usually can be returned to the premises. This means less loss of energy and a more balanced ventilation.

Designed for oil smoke

Oil smoke particles are very small, smaller than 1.0μm. Other filter types, as for example centrifugal filters, have difficulties with small particles. The Absolent filter unit is designed just for this purpose.

Extremely low maintenance

Absolent filter units can usually run for at least one year without requiring a filter change. This results in a low total cost of ownership.

A very reliable filter unit.

The fan, as the only moving component, is placed at the clean-side to minimize ware & tear.
Extremely low noise level for agreeable working conditions


The filtering process occurs in three stages. The process air passes first through a self-draining Absolent filter cassette. Here, the bigger part of the oil mist and smoke is arrested. When the filter is saturated, the liquid drops into the return oil tank. The air continues through another Absolent filter, where the rest of the bigger particles is arrested. The third stage consists of a HEPA filter, which has a guaranteed and consistent collecting efficiency of 99.97% arresting 0.3μm dia. particles. Every filter stage has a pressure gauge that indicates when a filter change is necessary. Thanks to the continuous draining of the filter cassettes, the unit can be operated without interruptions. The return oil is collected at the bottom of the filter for recycling


The Asmoke20 contains an electronic manometer, which shows the filter unit’s time of operation as well as the state of the filter cassettes. The unit has a spacious door for safe and easy service.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height2421 mm93.3 in
Width738 mm29.1 in
Depth781 mm30.7 in
Inlet Duct Ø200 mm*7.8 in*
Weight, dry filters280 kg617 lbs
Motor output2.2 kW3.5 hp
Maa. Airflow2000 m³/h1180 cfm
Typical values for this filter unit
OIl quantity, in6 barrels/yr6 barrels/yr
OIl quantity, out1 tsp/yr1 tsp/yr

*Inlet duct not included for the US market

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