The AsmokeFood range is developed with food in mind. Asmoke20Food features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist and oil smoke. It is designed for handling demanding applications in the food industry with temperature up to 90°C (200 F) and air flows up to 2000m³/h. When higher temperature demands are required, we recommend to dilute the air to reduce the temperature.

6 oil barrels

No more slippery floors and smoky indoors ambient air. In one year, we collect 6 oil barrels. Only one teaspoon of oil remains.

Clean air - always

The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always.

8760 running hours

Four filter stages capture all particles – giving you one year of maintenance free operation.

For use


Extremely low maintenance

Absolent filter units usually run for at least one year without requiring a filter change. This results in a low total cost of ownership.

Build for durability

Asmoke20Food is primary made of acid proof stainless steel (1.4404) with durable food application connections. It is built to withstand temperatures of 90°C (200 F). The smart sloped design of the air intake unit enables easier oil and water drainage. Thanks to the continuous draining of the filter cassettes, the unit can be operated without interruptions. The return oil can be collected at the bottom of the filter for recycling or disposal.
The unit comes with pre-filter as standard with separate compartment for ease of change during operation. Removable filter tension system for better wash down opportunities. When higher temperature demands are required, we propose normally to dilute the air to reduce the temperature.

The filtering process

The process air passes through a self-draining Absolent filter cassette. Here, the bigger particles of the oil mist and smoke are captured. When the filter is saturated, the liquid drops into the return oil tank. The air continues through the next Absolent filter, where the mid-size particles are captured. The third stage consists of a HEPA13 filter, with stainless steel frame. The HEPA13 has a guaranteed and consistent collection efficiency of 99.97% capturing 0.3μm dia. particles.

Special equipment & options

Asmoke20Food has analogue pressure gauges for each filter stage that indicate when a filter change is necessary. The pressure gauges are all designed to handle 90°C (200 F) as a standard. The unit is also equipped with condensation traps to ensure no oil or water can accumulate in the tubes or get into the gauges. When there is a risk of cooking oil and grease solidifying there is a heated option available to prevent clogging of the filter element or the draining solution. If pump solution is needed for drainage, there is an option of a pump with food safe components and special impeller capable of withstanding the demanding atmosphere.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height2265 mm89.2 in
Width700 mm27.6 in
Depth775 mm30.5 in
Weight, dry filter cassettes362 kg798.1 lbs
Max. Airflow2000 m³/h1180 cfm

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