Absolent’s Amist10C is extremely effective for cleaning oil mist. Choose between three different exhaust levels depending on your local particle emission regulations or company policy. Take total control of your working environment with Amist10C, the first oil mist filter with an electronic LCD monitor!


No more slippery floors and dangerous mist. Only 0.8 teaspoon per year remains, And clean air!


The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always. Only the best is good enough!


Four filter stages capture all particles – giving you 1 year of maintenance free operation.


Tailor-made installation

The Amist10C filter unit is available with either a single or two filtration stages. Simply choose the filtration efficiency you want to achieve.

Designed for flexibility

The Amist10C has a compact design with multiple attachment points which offer great mounting flexibility: on the machine, hung from the ceiling, put on a stand. Service is easy – just open the front cover like a bonnet. If operation conditions change, a HEPA filter can be added later on.


The filtering process occurs in either one or two stages. The first stage consists of the self-draining Absolent filter, in which up to 95% of the oil mist is collected. If you choose two-stage filtration, the unit includes a H13 HEPA filter rated at 99.97% @ mpps (≈ 0.14 microns). The status of the filter cassettes are monitored by an electronic manometer, which monitors and indicates when a filter needs to be changed or washed. The electronic manometer can also provide an external alarm signal to the machine operator or to a central service desk.
Thanks to the continuous draining of the filter cassettes, the unit can be operated without interruptions. The return oil is collected at the bottom of the filter for recycling or waste. Of course you have a two year machine warranty for the Amist10C . This excludes filter cassettes as they are consumables.

Cost effective

Absolent filter units usually run for at least one year without requiring filter change. In the majority of applications, Absolent filter cassettes are washable*). The result is an extremely cost efficient oil mist filtration, creating a clean air stream that can be returned into the plant. Subsequently, heating or cooling energy is preserved and the general HVAC balance in the plant is easier maintained.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height807 mm31.8 in
Width , without HEPA1077 mm42.4 in
Width , with HEPA1190 mm46.9 in
Depth684 mm25.5 in
Inlet duct Ø160 mm*6.3 in*
Weight, without HEPA 110 kg243 lbs
Weight, with HEPA 130 kg287 lbs
Motor output0,55 kW0.85 hp
Max. permissible air volume1000 m³/h590 cfm
Typical values for this filter:
Oil quantity in0.4 Oil Barrels/yr0.4 Oil Barrels/yr
Oil quantity out0.8 tsp/yr0.8 tsp/yr

*Inlet duct not included for the US market.

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