Modular filter system without fan

The Absolent type Amist80C oil mist filter revolutionizes the filtration of bigger air flows (from 8000m³/h) with moderate particle loads by making it both cheaper and easy to adjust to different preconditions.

  • Modular filter system
  • You choose the number of filter stages (one filter stage per module)
  • Well suited as a prefilter for ventilation units


No more slippery floors and dangerous mist. Only 0.5 teaspoon per year remains, And clean air!


The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always. Only the best is good enough!


Our unique filter cassettes capture all particles – giving you 1 year of maintenance free operation.

For use


Absolent’s well-known high quality

The filter unit is developed and proven in our own laboratory. For a still better draining capacity, the filter cassettes are placed diagonally.

Different filter cassette choices

Depending on the particle load in the incoming air, there are different filter cassettes to choose from. All filter cassettes are part of our standard oil mist range.

Extremely low maintenance - low LCC

Absolent filter cassettes are self-draining and the drained liquid is led out of the filter unit. The only service necessary is changing or washing the filter cassettes. How often this happens depends on the particle load in the incoming air – please contact us and we are happy to make a LCC-analysis with your preconditions!

Functional design

The filter unit has a compact modular design, which occupies a minimum of floor space. Several modules can be placed on top of each other. The hinged service door makes service easy. The filter is supplied with a baked powder painted finish.


The filtering process occurs in one or two stages. For two-stage filtration, two filter modules are interlinked. The process air is sucked into the inlet at the lower part of the filter unit and passes the self-draining Absolent filter cassettes. Here, up to 95% of the oil mist is arrested. When the filter is saturated, the liquid drops down and is led out of the filter unit for recycling.The filter unit can be fitted with an electronic manometer, Amonitor, which shows the pressure drop over the filter cassettes and indicates when it is time to change or wash the filter cassettes. A digital alarm signal can be sent to a central service desk.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height1470 mm57.9 in
Width1165 mm45.9 in
Depth1336 mm52.9 in
Inlet Duct*Ø 400Ø 15.7
Outlet Duct*Ø 400Ø 15.7
Weight, Dry Filters250 kg551 lbs
Max. permissible air volume 8000 m³/h4700 cfm
*Inlet and outlet ducts not included for the US market.

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