Dust Filtration

The Absolent type Adust4F dust filter is based on the latest and most efficient filter technology. This compact filter unit with automatic compressed-air cleaning function is especially well suited for continuous operation. Depending on the nature of the particles to be filtered, the Adust4F filter can handle applications with air volumes up to 2500m³/h.


Best possible separation degree for a safe and attractive working environment.

The objective of a dust filter is to get rid of unhealthy particles. For the best possible result, we use a HEPA-filter as the final filter step. With that, the air usually becomes so clean that it can be returned to the premises.

Longest possible service intervals

Absolent is probably the only dust filter producer in the world who utilizes the ”Down flow” technique to the full: The air is sucked down-ward, in the same direction as the dust particles fall. This is extremely important dealing with small particles. With that, we achieve a long time between the compressed-air blows, which gives our filter cartridges a long life span. Absolent’s filter cartridges can be washed, which contributes to an unbeatably low total cost of ownership. The filter cartridges have a normal life span of 2-4 years before they have to be exchanged.


The dust-laden air is sucked into the upper part of the filter. The heaviest dust particles fall directly into the dust container. The air is sucked into the filter cartridges, whereat most of the remaining particles stick on the outside of the cartridges. The cleaned air goes through the fan into the HEPA-filter, which has a guaranteed and consistent collecting efficiency of 99.95% mpps (most penetrating particles). The HEPA-filter has a pressure gauge that shows when the cassette should be replaced. Whenever the pressure drop across the filter cartridges exceeds a preset limit value, the valves in the tank for cleaning air open and a pulse of compressed air (approx. 4 Bar) is discharged into the filter cartridges from the cleaning nozzles (1 nozzle per filter cartridge). The compressed air pulse causes the dust collected on the filter surface to loosen and fall down into the dust container.

Very easy to install

Absolent delivers an assembled product with filters, fan and drive ready to start. You just connect the tubes, electricity and compressed air, it can’t get easier than that!

Low Noise Level

The noise level in operation is as low as 67 dB(A).

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height2455 mm96.6 in
Width998 mm39.3 in
Depth1078 mm42.4 in
Weight600 kg1323 lbs
Motor Output4.0 kW6.2 hp
Max. airflow 2500 m³/h*1470 cfm*
No. of cartridges 4 pcs4 pcs

* The airflow is conditional on the type of particles to be filtered.

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