Dust Filtration

The Absolent type Adust Dust filter is based on the latest and most efficient filter technology in every respect. It is a compact, compressed air pulse-cleaned filter that is especially well suited for use in installations that operate around the clock. Depending on the nature of the particles to be filtered, the Adust filter handles applications with air volumes up to 17000 m³/h.



Patent pending Down-flow technique offers better filter cleaning

The Absolent Adust is probably the only dust filter in the world that utilizes the ”down-flow” technique to the full. ”Down-flow” involves a downward airflow inside the filter unit. Thanks to this flow technique, the particles to be cleaned from the filter medium need not fall against the direction of the airflow in order to reach the dust container below the filter medium. There are several filters currently available on the market, which are equipped with horizontal cartridges. Dust can easily collect on the upper side of such cartridges and drastically reduce their filter area.
Absolent has instead chosen to equip the Adust filters with vertical hanging cartridges that completely prevent any reduction in filter area.


The Adust is a robust and compact unit that requires a minimum of floor space. It is supplied with a baked powder painted finish that adds colour to the shop floor.


The dust-laden air is sucked into the inlet on top of the filter. The heaviest dust particles fall directly into the dust container. The air and the lighter particles are sucked further to the filter cartridges where the dust collects. The filtered air is then sucked out through the outlet of the filter by an external fan. Whenever the pressure drop across the filter cartridges exceeds a preset limit value, the valves in the tank for cleaning air open and a pulse of compressed air is discharged from the cleaning nozzles. The compressed air pulse causes the dust collected on the filter surface to loosen and fall down into the dust container.

Service and Maintenance

The large servicedoor enables easy access to the inside of the unit for simple and quick servicing. The filter cartridges are provided with an easy-to-use, quick-release clamping device for simple cartridge withdrawal from the unit.
Environmental considerations are very important to the staff at Absolent; this has prompted the use of washable filter cartridges. Furthermore, washing prolongs the useful filter life time.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height3145 mm123.8 in
Width1429 mm56.2 in
Depth1414 mm55.6 in
Weight620 kg1367 lbs
Max. Airflow9500 m³/h*5591 cfm
No. of cartridges 5 pcs5 pcs

* The airflow is conditional on the type of particles to be filtrated.

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