Outokumpu Stainless AB, Torshälla and Långshyttan, Sweden. The company has its roots in Finland and is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel.


Outokumpu Stainless AB has repeatedly turned to Absolent to find solutions to the problems with the oil smoke that arose around the rolling mills and grinding machines in their production. The first contact was made in 1996. At the time the company had tried both bag type filters and electrostatic filter to eliminate the oil smoke. Unfortunately these filters did not manage to clean the air in the plant and the filter bags needed to be replaced every three weeks. Outokumpu realized that they needed to find another solution and turned to Absolent for assistance.


Absolent’s first assignment came from Outokumpu’s plant in Torshälla. A very thorough evaluation of the existing bag filters was conducted. The filter was compared to the Absolent ODR (today Asmoke). The evaluation showed that the bag type filters were doing a poor job at cleaning the air and as a result Outokumpu Stainless replaced them with an Absolent oil smoke filter, ODR 20 000, in 1997. The same year Outokumpu’s plant in Långshyttan also installed an ODR 60 000 intended for eliminating the smoke that arose during the rolling of sheet metal. Three years later, in 2000, two ODR 60,000 were added to Långshyttans cold rolling mill. Outokumpu Stainless in Torshälla also chose to install additional filters because they were satisfied with the outcome of the oil smoke filter ODR 20 000. In 2003, an ODR 72 000 was therefore installed for a rolling mill in the factory. Outokumpus collaboration with Absolent has continued and in 2006 another filter was installed, this time an ODR 60 000 for the factory in Långshyttan.


All installed Absolent have kept up excellent functionality. Outokumpu Stainless AB has chosen to continue to invest in Absolent’s filters when the time has come to acquire more. Before Absolent, the filter bags had to be replaced every three weeks. Out of all the installed filters only one has required a filter change, the ODR 20 000 installed in 1997 – after 17 years of delivering clean air! All the other filters are still running with no required maintainence!
Now, the problems with poor efficiency and high maintenance costs are solved and I am very satisfied with the installation! says Håkan Morelius, Maintenance Manager.