NSK, Kunshan, China. NSK in Kunshan is a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery bearings (ball bearings) as well as automotive products.


For quite some time NSK in Kunshan had experienced problems with heavy air pollution in their workshop. It was mainly the quenching machines that were leaking oil mist and smoke. NSK had previously tried centrifugal filters as well electrostatic filters. Unfortunately both types did a poor job at cleaning the air in the workshop. They delivered a low filtration efficiency and required frequent maintenance. When the NSK factory in Kunshan did not pass the examination of the local environmental protection agency they realized it was time to invest in a new solution. Absolent was contacted to help deal with the oil mist in the workshop.


To find a solution Absolent conducted a series of test on one of the quenching machines. The tests showed that a lot of oil smoke was leaking from the machine and that the airflow that entered the filter was too weak to decrease the temperature of the smoke. Absolent could also conclude that the current filters got clogged too quickly because of large particles that filled up the filter fast. Initially an Asmoke40 unit with by-pass pipes was installed to help control the oil smoke from the machine as well as the temperature that entered the filter unit. A rough filter was also added to stop the largest particles from entering the first filtration stage, preventing the unit from getting clogged. This solution worked so well that four more Asmoke40 units were eventually installed for the same type of machines in the production area at NSK Kunshan.


Since the installation was made in 2010 only the HEPA-filters have been replaced once. The other filter stages, as well as the rough filters are still running smoothly. NSK is so pleased with the high filtration efficiency and long lifetime of the cassettes that they keep coming back to Absolent when it is time to purchase new filter units. Today the factory meets all local E&P criteria and the workshop environment is clean and healthy for the staff.