Norrköpings Verkstadstekniska (NVT), Norrköping, Sweden. Since 1982 the company has carried out the production on behalf of the engineering industry by cutting operations in machining centers and CNC machines.


Norrköping Verkstadstekniska had struggled with oil mist for many years and the company had tried multiple different filter solutions to overcome this problem. As the demand from the customers increased the production started to exceed the filter capacity  Some of the oil that was to be filtered out went back into the machines and caused problems. The machines became dirty and the general ventilation became polluted. When it was time to buy a new CNC machine from MaskinFransson the company realized that the filter situation was untenable. MaskinFransson cares about the entire chain, from the production to the environment and health, and therefore cooperates with Absolent. Because of this we were contacted to resolve the issue.


Absolent conducted a careful evaluation and an examination of the filter need, free of charge. It was clear that the extraction from the old machines did not suffice and NVT now faced a couple of different options. They first considered installing a machine-mounted filter, an Amist6C, but later chose a group filter, Amist20HP, for the five processing machines that caused the oil mist. Thanks to the cooperation between MaskinFransson and Absolent a very beneficial filter solution could be offered when NVT bought their new machine. MaskinFransson offers their customers an additional bonus when they purchase processing equipment. In this case NVT used the bonus to install the filter from Absolent. In addition to that, leasing agreements were offered for both the machine and the filter.


Today the employees experience an improved work environment. Less oil mist, less dirt and cleaner air! Even the maintenance costs have decreased and the air from the filter is now returned to the premises and also serves as a source of heat during the winter.

”We look forward to a continued collaboration!”

– We are very pleased with the filters we installed. Our ambition is to continue the collaboration and to install additional filters from Absolent in the future, says Mattias Pettersson, CEO of Norrköping Verkstadstekniska.