Nordtool AB, Piteå, Sweden. Nordtool has been around since 1971. Initially the company produced wood-cutters for Sandvik. Since then, Nordtool has developed into a leading manufacturer of all kinds of production tools for engineering and plastics industries.


Nordtool, located in the small town of Öjebyn just outside Piteå, had for a long time experienced problems with oil mist and smoke that polluted the workshop environment. It was primarily the bed milling machine in the production area that was causing major problems even though a filter was already connected to the machine. The existing filter solution had been installed with a, so-called local extraction which was not able to catch all of the polluted air that the machine extracted, resulting in leakage. Smoke and dust were contaminating the premises. When multiple machines were running at the same time the workshop environment became so polluted that Nordtool decided to look for an alternative solution. It was at this time that Absolent came into the picture.


Once on location the specialists from Absolent conducted tests and could conclude that the current filter solution was inadequate and too small for the size of the machine. Absolent also came to the conclusion that the greatest error of the installation was the local extractor. The key to solving the problem was therefore to replace it with a unique solution which meant that an air curtain was created inside of the machine. This nearly eliminated all leakage. The air from the machine was extracted by a duct system connected to a filter unit from Absolent, an Amist40TF.


During the two years that the installation has been in use, no maintenance has been required on the filter unit and no cassettes have been replaced. Nordtool states that the workshop environment has improved considerably. The staff is healthier, the machines are cleaner and the maintenance costs have decreased. Today, Nordtool is planning for the purchase of new machines and is looking forward to a future collaboration Absolent.
I am impressed by how strongly Absolent has engaged in resolving our concerns with the filtration of process air. The results are amazing! All our operators are very happy and I see the filter installation as very successful indeed, a true success story! – says Anders Abrahamsson, manager at Nordtool.

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