EcoDrive is an optimized solution that contributes to both energy and environmental savings while reducing life cycle costs. EcoDrive controls the air flow so that you are always getting the right amount.

Use cruise control instead of the brake when you control your filters!

Traditionally, the air flow through a filter unit is adjusted with a damper. In the beginning, when the filter cassettes and the systems are clean the damper is throttled to obtain the desired air flow. It can be compared to driving your car at full speed while using the breaks to obtain the desired speed. Of course driving like that would mean that your fuel consumption would sky rocket.

To remedy the problem, we have developed EcoDrive, which provides the exact amount of air flow that you need. EcoDrive can be compared to driving your car on cruise control. As the pressure drop increases in the filter cassettes the fan speed will automatically increase so that the right amount of airflow is maintained throughout the entire operating period. The energy consumption is thus kept down and the process is properly ventilated at all times.

EcoDrive adjusts the flow of air when the machine door is opened. The fan speed increases to keep the contaminated air inside the machine and thus protect the operator. When the doors close again EcoDrive decreases the speed again. It is smooth, safe and energy efficient.

On our newer units Asmoke5 and A10 EcoDrive is included in the standard model. Therefore these units are equipped with energy efficient EC fans and integrated pressure control from the start.

EcoDrive can be also be added to the rest of our product range. It can even be added to our older, already installed. It is easily done by adding a frequency converter and pressure control.

Do you want to know more about how much your business could save with EcoDrive? Our software A saver (link to A.saver page) can tell you everything you need. Contact your Absolent office or your distributor. We are happy to simulate what your business could save, for free of course!


EcoDrive provides the right flow throughout the entire operating time

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