1. The workshop needs frequent cleaning

    Oil mist often creates slippery floor and dirty machines and surroundings. What consequence would a slipping guest or colleague give your company?

  2. Sick-leave is high

    Oil mist irritates the lungs and could cause cold-like symptoms. What if oil mist is the reason for a high sick-leave? What problems and costs does that bring your company and more importantly what pain does it cause the employee?

  3. Productivity can be affected

    A new study shows that productivity fell by 6% inside a factory when the air quality outdoors deteriorated. What do you think happens if the air inside the factory is dirty? What does that mean for your companys’ profitability?

  4. Lots of production stops

    Hassle in tool changers or many electrical failures in the control equipment might origin from either poor filtration efficiency or a deteriorating air extraction over time. What does a machine failure and production downtime mean to Your company?

  5. Claims due to precision problems

    Everybody knows precision and temperature in a machine are strongly connected. What do you think happens to the temperature inside a machine room if the oil mist collector doesn’t extract as much as promised?

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