The award honors a complex project that was recently executed by Absolent Beijing in collaboration with Volvo. It concerns a large installation of oil mist filtration equipment from Absolent in the new Volvo Cars engine manufacturing plant in Zhangjiakou, China. Emily Zhang, Sales Team Leader at Absolent Beijing, has been responsible for the Volvo project and she was also the one who, together with General Manager Mary Li,  accepted the award.


“It is a great honor to receive this award from Volvo. It is a company that we admire for their commitment to their core values. We see Volvo as a company looking beyond customer satisfaction, just like we do, making sure that they drive the development for creating a safe and energy efficient world in and around their products. It is very pleasing to see that they are satisfied with the quality of what we can deliver to them and look forward to future collaborations.”- Axel Berntsson, CEO Absolent AB


Absolent Beijing is one of three subsidiaries of the Swedish company Absolent AB and has been present on the Chinese market since 2008. Absolent has established itself as a prominent and highly competent worldwide supplier of oil smoke, oil mist and dust filtration units.