Compact, machine-mountable filter unit

The Absolent type Asmoke5 oil smoke filter is a compact, machine-mountable filter unit specialized in oil smoke. It is part of the Asmoke filter series that features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist and oil smoke. Asmoke5 is especially well suited for small, high-speed metal working machines that use oil or emulsion. The filter unit is designed for air flows up to 500m³/h.


No more slippery floors and dangerous smoke. Only 0.15 teaspoon per year remains, And clean air!


The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always. Only the best is good enough!


Our unique filter cassettes capture all particles – giving you 1 year of maintenance free operation.


The highest possible collecting efficiency for safe and pleasant working conditions

The filter unit has 4 filter steps. Those include a H13 hepa filter that guarantees a constant separation degree of 99.97% at 0.3μm. The air gets totally free from particles and can usually be returned to the premises. This contributes to a balanced ventilation and reduces energy costs.

Designed for oil smoke

Oil smoke particles are very small, smaller than 1.0μm. Other filter types, as for example centrifugal filters, have difficulties with small particles. The Absolent filter unit is designed just for this purpose. The self-draining, highly compact filter cassettes can recover up to 300 litres of oil per year, oil that otherwise would end up in the workshop air.

Energy-efficient fan with airflow guarantee - due to EcoDrive

The highly efficient EC-fan with integrated airflow control ensures that the filter unit consumes as little energy as possible. The fan starts at low speed when the filter cassettes are clean and revs up slowly as they become dirtier, to ensure the correct airflow. It also responds if the machine is open or closed and adjusts its speed accordingly – the result is energy savings.

Its small and compact design makes Asmoke5 easy to place

The filter unit is small and lightweight, making it ideal for placement on top of a machine, even small production machines. In some cases, it is even possible to integrate it into the machine.


The contaminated air from a machining process is led into the Asmoke5 via the inlet in the bottom section. This is also where the captured oil is led out, via the drainage outlet. The air is first led through three self-draining Absolent filter cassettes and then the H13 HEPA filter. The filtration process will capture particles in a polluted airflow up to 500 m3/h with ≥99.97% efficiency for at least one year without any service, in most oil mist and -smoke applications. The clean air is led out on the back side of the filter unit. Absolent’s electronic manometer Amonitor indicates when service is needed. The airflow through the filter unit is created by an integrated EC fan which is controlled by a pressure regulator for an optimal function and the least possible energy consumption.

Technical InformationMetricImperial
Height520 mm20.5 in
Width900 mm35.5 in
Depth620 mm24.4 in
Inlet DuctØ 125 mm*Ø 4.9 in*
Weight Dry Filters70 kg154 lbs
Max. Permissible Airflow500 m³/h294 cfm
Typical values for this filter
Oil amount, In1,1 barrel/yr1,1 barrel/yr
Oil amount, Out0.15 tsp/yr0.15 tsp/yr

*Inlet duct not included for the US market

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