An expandable hood with large capacity

Absolent Die Cast Hood is the new effective solution for capturing polluted air from the Die Cast process. With a modular design and flexible construction it is easy to adapt to the size of your unique Die Casting machine. Constructed with adjustable airflow for optimal settings for your machine. Combine with Absolent’s filter units for an extraordinary result.

Flexible design

Designed to be flexible to the size of your very Die Casting machine.

Packed in knock-down kit

The Hood is delivered in a knock-down kit, easy to transport and easy to put in place at your facility.

Adjustable airflow

The Airflow is easily adjusted to attain the perfect setting for your machine.

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The hood for a cleaner workspace

The polluted air from your machine in the Die Casting process is effectively gathered by Absolent’s Die Cast hood. When also connected to an Absolent filter unit the air is filtered and the outcome is clean air and a healthy work environment.

Designed to suit your machine

The hood is designed to be flexible to fit your machine and your unique workspace. It is customizable not only when it comes to width and length but also height. If your machine needs to be rebuilt or modules are added the Die Cast hood have the possibilities to grow with it because of its modular design. If your machine requires extra height on the hood, it is easily achieved with Die Cast Hood extension kit.

Adjust the airflow to your machine’s need

You can easily adjust the airflow in the hood to make sure that your machine is working as effectively as possible.

Panels are put in each section of the hood to optimize and direct the airflow throughout the hood so that smoke is captured. A removed cover plate for the airflow adjustment also allows maintenance access to pipe and inside of the hood.

Removable cover plate

A removed cover plate allows maintenance access to pipe and inside of the hood.

Easy to handle

The hood is packed and transported dissambled in a box on a pallet which make it easy to handle and put into place. The assembly is made where you have place, as close to the machine as possible. Once unpacked and installed the hood is easy to maneuver, the Top Cover is slidable and with a gentle movement you put it in place or slide it to retracted position in order to access the interior of the machine.

Technical informationMetricImperial
Height2940 - 3580 mm116 - 141 in
Height extended capacity5572 mm165 - 219 IN
Width2250 - 3100 mm89 - 122 in
Length3285 - 5370 mm129 - 211 in
Stroke Lengthmax 2085 mmmax 82 in
Weight1000 kg2205 lbs
Inlet Duct Ø2x Ø 200 mm2 x Ø 7.9 in

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