Asmart enables  facility teams to track filter performance and schedule predictive maintenance when it suits the production, not the other way around. Asmart operates independently from a customer’s existing IT-infrastructure or WIFI network and no integration is required thanks to its smart communication via radio/GSM. The Asmart system will bring out the most of all Absolent filter units and simplify clean air for workshops all over the world.


“Using Industrial IoT in our air cleaning equipment offers a new frontier for us as a global air filtration and clean air service provider. Just like we can offer the best solution on the market when it comes to air filtration, it is exciting to be setting the bar for a reliable and secure connectivity with remote performance management”, says Axel Berntsson, CEO of Absolent AB.


How the Asmart system works

The Asmart system offers the opportunity to monitor the status of Absolent filter units, both new and previously installed ones. Filter status data is collected and sent to the Absolent secure cloud where it can be monitored on a laptop or mobile device via the Asmart Dashboard.

The Asmart system consists of three main parts; Asmart Sense, Asmart Connect and Asmart Gateway, each of them serving as vital components in a mesh communication network. Sense

The Asmart Sense is connected to the Absolent filter and monitors the actual pressure drops on up to five filter stages.


Asmart Gateway

The Asmart Gateway makes sure that data collected from the filter units is uploaded to the Absolent IoT Cloud in a secure and reliable way. The Asmart Gateway is connected to the GSM/LTE network via a SIM-card. That means that no integration to the company’s existing IT-infrastructure or WIFI network is needed. Connect

The reality of factory facilities sometimes means large distances or walls that weaken or block radio signals. In this scenario, Asmart Connect is the solution for both amplifying and enhancing the signal from one or several Asmart Sense units to the Asmart Gateway device.


The Asmart devices will be available on parts of the European market from December 2021. The roll-out of the product will be made in sequences. Please note that Asmart functionality and specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.


Want to find out more on how Asmart and the rest of the Absolent products could help improve the air quality in your workshop? Contact Absolent today!