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Old factory floors become new digital landscapes when the industry changes at a rapid pace.
Asmart is a classic example of what is called the Internet of Things and which our everyday lives are already full of. From clocks to self-driving cars – and now in the form of a solution that keeps your filter units and production in prime condition. Always.

Asmart is easy to get a return on

Say goodbye to emergency stops and putting on the brakes. Asmart is an intelligent and closed system that flags up planned maintenance, so that you avoid production stoppages. By investing in Asmart you will:


  • Minimise maintenance costs through planned maintenance
  • Maximise performance of the filter units
  • Maximise the life span of your filters, only replace when necessary
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The system gives you full control over your filter units via a well-arranged dashboard that analyses and presents all data clearly and comprehensibly. The right person gets the right information at the right time. You decide whether you want to check the situation on the computer or the mobile.

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    A reliable, autonomous system

    Asmart is a secure system that communicates via 2.4 GHz radio and GSM/LTE just like your mobile phone. In other words it is completely independent and disconnected from your existing networks to give you data security of absolutely world-class.

    The reporting goes like clockwork

    With Asmart all reporting is a lot easier. Historical data can be used for both internal and external reporting, for example ISO 45000 and ISO 14000. And perhaps best of all: you can easily analyse your maintenance, see trends, and see what drives your costs in black and white.

    Why Asmart?

    • Better air quality, better working environment and cleaner premises
    • Reduces unplanned stoppages in production
    • Helps your machines to achieve optimal performance
    • Contributes to better health, more satisfaction and less absence due to illness
    • Helps you to retain and attract the best staff

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